27 August 2012

Unplug for Love...September List!!

Have you unplugged for love yet? Don't know what this is? Find the original post here. I'll be honest. I wanted to do better than I've done. I am hoping this can be a little team building exercise for us. Ha! Maybe together we can do this for our ourselves and for our families. 

So I thought it'd be fun to encourage a little 'Unplug for Love' time by posting an idea for each day. I am thrilled with the feedback I've received from this and I encourage any tips, ideas or thoughts. Post them here or email me at Spread the concept by posting this on your blogs, Instagram feed, Facebook...heck, anywhere you want! Link back to this (eventually the link will be when I get it set up....hooray!) so people aren't super confused. Tag your Twitter and IG feed related to this #unplugforlove to encourage others to check it out. I think we're onto something but it's going to take those of you that are excited about this to jump on board and launch this to the next level. 

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